Giuliani: Obama’s negotiations with Iran ‘extremely reckless’

Rudy Giuliani

During Rudy Giuliani’s speech at the International Women’s Day conference in Berlin, the former New York City Mayor described President Barack Obama’s “pushing of negotiations with Iran as extremely reckless,” adding those who believe what Hassan Rouhani says about intended use of nuclear capability  is “stupid.”

Several of the global leaders who spoke at Saturday’s conference, including Giuliani, criticized Western governments, particularly the U.S. for the lack of action taken against the Iranian regime and their growing violations of human rights in Iran.

President-elect Maryam Rajavi addressed the solution to defeating fundamentalism, explaining concern over the West for not “seriously confronting” fundamentalism:

The international community cannot defeat fundamentalism, unless and until it targets the epicenter of fundamentalism, namely the mullahs’ regime in Iran.  Western policy of appeasement is at fault because the West has not only failed to seriously confront fundamentalism, but has chosen the path of conciliation with its state sponsor, the regime Iran, and partnered with it in clamping down on the alternative to fundamentalism.

Watch videos of Maryam Rajavi’s International Women’s Day speech in Berlin on the Maryam Rajavi YouTube channel.


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