Iran Leads World in Per Capita Executions

As the annual gathering in Paris next month approaches, it is important to highlight the severe human rights abuse the Iranian regime has carried out for so long.  Soona Samsami reported in her article on The Hill, that Iran executed 93 individuals in one week this past month, with no response from allies.

Ms. Samsami stated:

“Iran not only leads the world in per capita executions, but it is on pace to break its own record for executions in one year.”

The full story “Iran post-nuclear deal: Killing spree continues” is available here:

The alarming humans rights violations requires Western governments to step in and condemn the Iranian regime.  But the Western governments have not stepped up for the citizens of Iran.  The Iran Nuclear deal talks has casted a shadow over the important issues of human rights in Iran.

The June 13th conference “Regime Change in Iran, We Can & We Must… United Against Islamic Fundamentalism & Terrorism”  will highlight the issue of human rights in Iran.  Several global leaders and politicians will be speaking at the conference, expressing their support for the efforts of the Iranian Opposition.



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