Iranian Youth Support for Democratic Change in Iran

Only 11 days remain until “Regime Change in Iran: we can and we must,” the international conference for Democratic change in Iran will take place in Paris.  The event will feature over 100 high level dignitaries, 500 parliamentarians from the US, Europe, Canada, Australia and the Middle East.  These individuals, who represent a wide spectrum of political views, will join Maryam Rajavi at the conference to show their support for the Iranian opposition and their efforts. Mrs. Rajavi’s agenda, which has been commended by several policy makers from the both the United States and Europe, calls for “a policy which recognizes the Iranian people and their resistance as the real partner for peace in Iran’s future.”

At the 2014 gather, there was an overwhelming number of youth supporters who attended.  Iran is a young nation, Hamid Yazdan Panah of Iran Focus reports.  “With nearly 70% of its population under the age of 30. The younger generation has little in common with the ruling clerics, and it is only a matter of time before Iranians demand real change.  It is anticipated that there will be an equal number of Iranian youth attending the 2015 conference.



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