NCRI Women's Committee Protest

34th Anniversary of the Iranian Resistance: National Council of Resistance of Iran

June 20, 2015 mark the 34th anniversary of the founding of the Iranian Resistance.  The National Council of Resistance of Iran was started in order to achieve the most basic human rights of Iranian citizens and to establish a democracy in Iran.

It was on this day, June 20, that Ayatollah Khomeini ordered the Guards Corps to open fire on half a million pro-democracy Iranians protestors.  From this day on, the Mullah’s reign of terror of continued to grow and worsen.

Through the years several members of the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran have sacrificed their lives in the fight for freedom.  Members have fought and continue to fight for the freedom of belief, the freedom to express on self and the freedom to choose how society is being governed.

The belief of the mullahs, the current ruling regime in Iran, is the concept of “velayat-e-faqih.” This phrase means the absolute rule of the jurisprudent, that gives absolute power to the Supreme Leader.  In today’s society, such a clerical system is defined as totalitarian, because “it cannot recognize freedom and the right of political views other than those which support the Islamic state,” writes Siavosh Hosseini, a contributing author to

“Ever since the 1979 Islamic revolution the PMOI (MEK) entered the politics of Iran and demanded safeguards for democratic freedom. PMOI leader Mr. Massoud Rajavi was the group’s candidate for the first Presidential election in 1980; however Mr. Rajavi’s right to run for candidacy was shot down by a fatwa by Khomeini himself. His awry reasoning was that Rajavi had not voted for the Mullah’s constitution that yielded absolute power to the supreme leader as undemocratic and against the teachings and essence of Islam. Mr. Rajavi ran for a seat in Iran’s new parliament however Khomeini prevented any democratic candidate from taking a seat in parliament by indulging in massive election rigging.” – Ground Report  6/22/15 | Author: Siavosh Hosseini

Ground Report published an in-depth article by Siavosh Hosseini, that highlights the major events of the 50 years of struggle for Freedom in Iran the Iranian opposition group has faced. Read the full article here: and share with friends on social media.


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