Human Rights and Freedom will win with struggle of Iranian people and Resistance

Two weeks ago, Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council Resistance of Iran, spoke at a conference at the UK parliament on the occasion of International Human Rights Day. The people of Iran are known for fighting the most for human rights in our time. Over 120,000 PMOI (the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran) members and several other freedom fighters, including 30,000 political prisoners, have been executed and others in Camp Liberty have lost their lives for being against the clerical regime.

Maryam stated, “The mullahs’ brutality in violating our people’s rights is because they want to hold on to power. It’s because the people of Iran have staged a widespread resistance against the regime. Every month, teachers, students, workers and other strata stage hundreds of protests. Every day, the protests become louder. Even political prisoners send messages from inside the jails calling on people to resist.” Maryam is calling on the international community to condition their relations with Tehran to end executions and the freedom of political prisoners. People from around the world need to respect the Iranian people’s fight to achieve freedom and human rights.

Camp Liberty was the target of a huge missile attack on October 29, 2015. Since 2009, 141 PMOI members have been killed and hundreds more, seriously wounded or disabled in these attacks. It is time for US and UN to fulfill their promise and make sure residents are allowed to sell their property at Camp Ashraf to finance their relocation.

Together, we can defend the human rights crisis in Iran and continue to give our efforts by defending the region as a whole.
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