Reporters Without Borders rate Iran 7th-worst country for press freedoms, safety

Reporters Without Borders, an annual report of journalist freedoms and safety, ranked Iran as the 7th-worst country in their international index of freedom of information in 2015. Detailed in their recently-released index, the Islamic Republic of Iran ranked 173 out of the 180 surveyed countries for freedom and safety of the press.

The 2015 report confirmed that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s term in office has not helped foster a freer, safer environment for reporters. Citing the government’s active pursuit to close news outlets and its relationship with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guard, Reporters Without Borders determined that the Rouhani administration has “played a role in arrests as a silent accomplice” when it comes to censorship of information.

Rouhani’s administration also regularly detains journalists and reporters in Iran unjustly in addition to unfairly arresting religious and ethnic minorities and women. Reporters Without Borders reported that Iran is still one of the world’s five biggest prisons for news and information providers and estimate that about 50 journalists and netizens are currently being detained.

A rally against Rouhani’s treatment of human rights in Iran has been scheduled in Paris’ Trocadero Square on January 28. Protestors are currently gathering under the hashtags #No2Rouhani and #StopExecutionsIran.


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