Iran issues 52 executions in the first two weeks of January

The Iranian Regime entered 2016 by committing 52 executions within the first two weeks of January. Among those sentenced to death included one woman and four people who were hanged publicly.

As President Rouhani and the Iranian Regime begin to close on nuclear deal P5+1, the human rights situation in Iran continues to suffer under their control. Iran still holds the record for having the most executions per capita in the world, executing over 1,000 people in 2015. Women, children, and religious and ethnic minorities continue to suffer some of the harshest sentences.

Protestors are preparing for a rally this Thursday in Paris’ Trocadero Square to condemn the poor human rights conditions under Rouhani, who will be visiting the city that day. Organizers are showing their support for the Iranian people online under the hashtags #No2Rouhani and #StopExecutionsIran.


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