Iran Veil Police

No Veil = No Human Rights in Iran

Iran Veil PoliceIn a recent article published on, Dr. Rafizadeh discusses the Iran regime’s crack down on Iran’s Islamic hijab laws. Not only does the Iran regime demand women to wear full black covering (chador), but now Iran’s President Rouhani intends to enforce this law by way of thousands of police called the “veil police.”

Rafizadeh says:

Not only do the veil police arrest, fine, and imprison those who violate Iran’s Islamic “veil” code, they also allow public services only to those who wear full veil and chador, not the normal hijab.

Hence, if you want to use hospitals, medical clinics, public libraries, government buildings, universities, and so on, you have to wear the full veil (chador), not the normal hijab.

What does this mean for the human rights situation in Iran? The Iran regime continues to move its country and people towards more extremism and gender discrimination.

Read the full story, “THE ISLAMIC VEIL POLICE” on


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