Maryam Rajavi: Iran Nuclear Deal Feeds The Roots Of Regional Terrorism | Forbes

On July 14, 2015, Forbes published an article written by Maryam Rajavi. The article is titled “Iran Nuclear Deal Feeds The Roots Of Regional Terrorism”. To read Mrs. Rajavi’s full article, follow this link to

The Iranian people yearn for a democratic, tolerant and pluralist state

Islamic fundamentalism nevertheless can and must be defeated. But it must be torn out at its root: Tehran. This includes expelling the Quds Force and defanging the Shiite militias and other Iranian proxies in Iraq while enabling the genuine participation of Sunnis in governance. The U.S. should empower Sunni tribes by arming and backing them to provide security for their own communities. This is the only way to defeat ISIS. We must drain the swamp of their grievances and their new recruits.

In Syria, Iran’s patronage of President Bashar al-Assad must cease, which entails providing assistance to the moderate opposition’s efforts to overthrow Assad’s tyrannical rule and to establish democracy in that country.

These measures will be significantly diminished, however, if the regime in Tehran is able to preserve or expand its nuclear programs. All pathways toward the attainment of nuclear weapons by this regime must be blocked, something which the nuclear agreement does not do.

In the end, so long as the mullahs remain in power in Iran, Islamic fundamentalism will persist, mutate and spread. Regime change in Iran–through the courage and resolve of the Iranian people and the organized opposition–yanks at the root of the problem. As evidenced in the popular uprisings of 2009, the Iranian people yearn for a democratic, tolerant and pluralist state to grow in place of the velayat-e faqih system that chokes them.