Maryam Rajavi: The Enemy of Your Enemy Is Not Your Friend | U.S. News

On October 24, 2014, U.S. News published an article written by Maryam Rajavi, titled “The Enemy of Your Enemy Is Not Your Friend”.  Below is an excerpt from the article. The full article is available to read on

Western – and particularly U.S. – inaction against Assad’s atrocities and the eight-year-long backing of al-Maliki significantly aided the rise of extremism. And now after wreaking havoc in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine, Tehran has targeted Yemen, inundating it with mullahs and Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps forces, effectively occupying large swaths of the country. It is no small irony that this expansion of the regime’s destructive presence in the region comes at a time when the mullahs are more cornered and vulnerable than ever before.

In the nuclear arena, Tehran’s rulers are at an impasse as the Nov. 24 deadline for a deal draws near. If they abandon their dream of obtaining a nuclear weapon, their regime will implode. And if they choose defiance, they cannot escape confrontation with the international community.

Al-Maliki’s ouster from power undercut Tehran’s eight years of investment in Iraq; its crucial fulcrum in the region thus disintegrated, curbing its plans for regional domination.

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A year into Hassan Rouhani’s presidency, internal rifts have deepened. It is increasingly apparent that the Iranian regime’s only path to survival is to terrorize an embittered population. According to the latest report on the human rights situation in Iran by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, “the application of the death penalty, including in relation to political prisoners and juvenile offenders, has increased.”