#PledgeforParity: Conference for women’s right solidarity held in Paris

Maryam Rajavi at the Pledge for Parity

(Image Source: NCRI Women’s Committee)

In observance of International Women’s Day, prominent leaders and women’s rights activists met for a conference on Saturday, February 27 to advocate for better social and political treatment for women in Iran and across the world.

While the Iranian regime has been enjoying the spoils of their recent economic deals, the political and cultural landscape for Iranian women is still incredibly poor. The Pledge for Parity conference, led by Maryam Rajavi, sought to bring awareness to the women past and present in Iran that suffer from misogyny, abuse, and dismal political representation. The conference featured speeches from prominent thought leaders like former White House Director of the Office of Public Liaison Linda Chavez, journalist Diana Culi, Spanish politician Beatriz Becerra, and former French Minister of Human Rights Rama Yade.

In her address, Maryam Rajavi stressed that anything that promotes compulsion, denies people’s free choice, and denies women’s equal rights is not truly Islam, but in fact against Islam. “We will not tolerate violation of women’s rights in the guise of religion or any other pretext,” Rajavi stated. Rajavi pledged to support gender equality for Iranian women and reiterated her position against Iran’s draconian laws in her address: “No to compulsory veil, no to compulsory religion, and no to compulsory government.”

Rajavi also spoke of the recent Iran elections, and reiterated that Iran’s very selective election did not truly represent the Iranian people. She stressed that as the regime continues fights its challengers internally, the Iranian people grow restless for political representation. Rajavi argues that the Iranian regime’s attempt to strong-arm their power through suppression of democracy is inadvertently setting up an incredibly unstable Iran. She urged the young people of Iran to “expand their struggle,” and continue to advocate for a true democracy.

Other esteemed speakers took to the podium to advocate for women’s rights in Iran. Linda Chavez stated that the results of the Iranian election did not matter – regardless of the outcome, the situation for women in Iran will not change unless the regime changes. Beatriz Basterrechea described the violations against women in Iran as simply a crime, and believed that it’s completely unacceptable in 2016 for Iran to deny women their civil and individual rights.

Many speakers shared their support for a resolution against gender disparity. In a video interview, British politician Baroness Betty Boothroyd supported Maryam Rajavi’s 10-Point Plan for Women’s Rights in Tomorrow’s Iran, which calls for the abolition of the death penalty, the abolition of mandatory veil, and abolition of sexual exploitation of women. Colombian politician and presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt stated that gender parity is essential of any government regardless of the differences in cultural backgrounds. “Parity is the cornerstone of all freedom, democracy and human rights,” she confirmed.

“We need Mrs. Rajavi to succeed,” Betancourt declared.

The event also included music from the Albanian Orchestra and featured performances by Aida and Gisoo Shakeri. Highlights from the event and a full list of speakers can be found here: http://www.ncr-iran.org/en/ncri-statements/president-elect/19951-iran-maryam-rajavi-addresses-at-paris-conference-on-the-eve-of-international-women-s-day-2016


Iran issues 52 executions in the first two weeks of January

The Iranian Regime entered 2016 by committing 52 executions within the first two weeks of January. Among those sentenced to death included one woman and four people who were hanged publicly.

As President Rouhani and the Iranian Regime begin to close on nuclear deal P5+1, the human rights situation in Iran continues to suffer under their control. Iran still holds the record for having the most executions per capita in the world, executing over 1,000 people in 2015. Women, children, and religious and ethnic minorities continue to suffer some of the harshest sentences.

Protestors are preparing for a rally this Thursday in Paris’ Trocadero Square to condemn the poor human rights conditions under Rouhani, who will be visiting the city that day. Organizers are showing their support for the Iranian people online under the hashtags #No2Rouhani and #StopExecutionsIran.

Maryam Rajavi calls for progress for Iranian human rights in 2016


President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, Maryam Rajavi, offered her hope for 2016 in a recent meeting between members of the Iranian Resistance and their French allies.

Speaking at the Resistance headquarters in Auvers-Sur-Oise, France, Rajavi emphasized that foreign powers needed to do more moving forward to eliminate the source of Islamic fundamentalism, calling on the international community to “adopt a firm policy to expel the Iranian regime from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.” Rajavi also reflected on recent humans rights violations in Iran – notably, last year’s increase in executions by the Rouhani regime.

Rajavi is optimistic that the New Year will provide more hope for Iranian human rights. Advocating for a humane future, Rajavi declared: “The Iranian Resistance advocates for a tolerant republic based on the separation of religion and state, abolition of the death penalty, and women’s equality in tomorrow’s Iran.”

“We are capable of doing a lot together,” Rajavi closed, “We can do things that are essential to the freedom and human rights in Iran.”

Read Rajavi’s full speech transcript on NCR-Iran.org.

Flag of France

Maryam Rajavi strongly condemns the attacks in Paris

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI ) has strongly condemned the killing of innocent people in Paris on November 14, 2015, calling it terrorism and savage crime against humanity . She offered condolences to the President of the Republic, the government and the French people and its sincere sympathy to the families of the victims.

Watch the full speech below:

Maryam Rajavi: Women Against Fundamentalism | Facebook

May 5 Conference: Islamic Fundamentalism, from Middle East To Our Midst

The “Islamic Fundamentalism, from Middle East to our midst, Challenges and Solutions” conference will held in Paris on May 5 and will be attended by representatives from Iranian opposition.

Attendees include:

  • Former Algerian Prime Minister Sid Ahmed Ghozali,
  • Cynthia Fleury, neo-philosopher and Aude de Thuin, the founder of International Women’s Forum

Learn more about upcoming events at Iranfreedom.org.



Maryam Rajavi June Gathering 2014

Two Months Until June Gathering in Paris

June Gathering 2015

Only two months remain until the grand gathering of Iranians and supporters of resistance from all over the world, takes place in Paris on June 13.

The 2015 conference, “Regime Change in Iran, We Can and We Must,” will focus on the issues of human and women’s rights, fundamentalism, Camp Liberty and Iran nuclear talks.

Several world leaders and politicians from the United States and many other countries will be speaking at the conference.  Stay tuned for a full list of 2015 conference speakers.

The 2014 Annual Conference for Democratic Change in Iran drew thousands of youth supporters.  Given the large social presence the youth have online today, it easy for social media users to connect and weigh in on the issues that matter to them.  The 2014 Watch the highlights from the 2014 June Gathering, including clips from Maryam Rajavi’s speech:


2014 “All for Freedom” conference speakers included:

  • Rudolph Giuliani – Former New York City Mayor
  • Howard Dean – Former Vermont Governor and presidential candidate
  • John Bolton – Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations
  • Joseph Lieberman – Former Connecticut senator and vice presidential candidate
  • Mike Mukasey – Former U.S. Attorney General
  • Hugh Shelton – Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General
  • George Casey – Army Chief of Staff General
  • Newt Gingrich – Former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and the
  • Presidential candidate for 2012 election
  • John Dennis Hastert – Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Robert Torricelli – Former member of the U.S. Senate
  • Robert Joseph – Former U.S. Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security
  • Phillip J. Crowley – Assistant Secretary of State from 2009 – 2011
  • John McCain – Senior member of the U.S. Senate, Republican Presidential nominee in the 2008 election (provided video message at conference)