Ryszard Czarnecki

VP European Parliament: Support moderate Muslims against fundamentalism

Ryszard Czarnecki

Ryszard Czarnecki, vice-President of the European Parliament, speaks at International Women’s Day in Berlin.

Ryszard Czarnecki, vice president of the European Parliament, published an article on The Hill that discusses the issue of the world’s media focusing primarily on the stories of ISIS and the brutal attacks they’ve committed using the banner of Islam,  is over shadowing stories of the scores of hangings, public floggings and political arrests orchestrated by the Iranian regime.

Czarnecki, who spoke at the International Women’s Day Conference in Berlin earlier this month along side several other international political leaders, including NCRI President-elect, Maryam Rajavi, says the lack of domestic progress in Iran is clear.    The lack of focus and attention on the progression of Iran, has “allowed much of the world to ignore the truly global dimensions of Islamic extremism, in turn allowing it to ignore the truly moderate Muslim voices that are best suited to rooting out that ideology at its source, as opposed to simply confronting it in a series of airstrikes and half-measures against specific, localized targets.”

He concluded stating: “I firmly believe that Islamic fundamentalism can best be confronted by progressive Muslims like those who organized the massive rally in Berlin. I hope that next time we will be joined by many more Western policymakers who understand the value of promoting these voices as part of a comprehensive solution to Islamic extremism.”

Read the full article on The Hill.