Bob Corker & Jim Demint: Congress should reject deal with Iran

The Obama administration’s nuclear deal with the regime in Iran will not prevent Tehran from developing a nuclear weapons program, Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said on Tuesday.

“Now that the Obama administration has reached what it believes to be an acceptable agreement, it is Congress’s responsibility to determine whether this agreement will be in our national interest, will make the United States safer and will prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapons program. I do not believe that it will,” Sen. Corker, a Republican, wrote in The Washington Post.

“This deal does not do that,” Sen. Corker wrote, adding: “Congress should reject this deal and send it back to the president.”

Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint, stated “President Obama’s Iran deal does not prevent Iran from doing so—and, in fact, the deal makes the prospects for war more likely. If approved, the deal with Iran would dismantle the sanctions that forced the regime to the negotiating table.”