Iran Leads World in Per Capita Executions

As the annual gathering in Paris next month approaches, it is important to highlight the severe human rights abuse the Iranian regime has carried out for so long.  Soona Samsami reported in her article on The Hill, that Iran executed 93 individuals in one week this past month, with no response from allies.

Ms. Samsami stated:

“Iran not only leads the world in per capita executions, but it is on pace to break its own record for executions in one year.”

The full story “Iran post-nuclear deal: Killing spree continues” is available here:

The alarming humans rights violations requires Western governments to step in and condemn the Iranian regime.  But the Western governments have not stepped up for the citizens of Iran.  The Iran Nuclear deal talks has casted a shadow over the important issues of human rights in Iran.

The June 13th conference “Regime Change in Iran, We Can & We Must… United Against Islamic Fundamentalism & Terrorism”  will highlight the issue of human rights in Iran.  Several global leaders and politicians will be speaking at the conference, expressing their support for the efforts of the Iranian Opposition.


NCRI Women's Committee Protest

“Iran’s war on women”

In a recent article published on The Hill by Soona Samsami, representative in the United States for the National Council of Resistance of Iran, Samsami highlights that Iran’s ongoing war on women is being overlooked in the midst of nuclear talks between the U.S. and Iran.  The Iranian regime in Tehran continues its “policy of disenfranchisement and apartheid with respect to women.”

Following the International Women’s Day conference in Berlin earlier this month, where NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi spoke, This week the Iranian regime proposed a draft for a law aimed at boosting the country’s population, according to The Hill.  Amnesty International claimed this law would, “reduce Iranian women to baby-making machines.”  This proposed law would block employment to women at certain jobs if they choose not to have children.

“This past year has seen repression and discrimination against women increase in many forms. The regime continues to maintain policies which encourage or acquiesce towards gender based violence. As many as 25 women were the victims of heinous attacks involving acid thrown onto their faces by men on motorcycles. The attacks were motivated by a culture of misogyny and repression towards women, and a direct result of the ruling regime and its policy of gender apartheid. The attacks occurred after a law was passed by the regimes parliament to protect citizens who feel “compelled to correct” those who do not adhere to their view of Islamic morality. In reality it legitimated gender based violence against women who were wearing makeup or were accused of being “improperly” veiled.”

As women are victims of the mullah’s dictatorship, the PMOI supports gender equality in all aspects.

Read the full article on The Hill.